Tips for Overweight Kids


  • Prepare planned meals, using local organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating home cooked meals from scratch makes you more aware of what you are eating, brings the family together, and is less expensive. You need less of quality food to feel full and be healthy.
  • Maintain a regulated meal plan from your pediatrician. You can eat everything you want, just not all at one meal or in just one day. Any meal tastes better when you are really hungry. Set reasonable goals with your pediatrician, like losing five pounds or walking 15 minutes a day and monitor your progress on a chart.
  •  Make treats and baked goods at home for less money and better taste. Try applesauce instead of vegetable oil for lower calories. Choose healthy ingredients, like nuts and fruits. Freeze half the batch. Read the labels on food packages at the store, check the ingredients, and count the calories, carbohydrates, and proteins. Avoid the vending machines at school. 
  • Drink pure water. Herb teas come in many flavors, have many health benefits, can be served hot or cold and have 0 calories. Drinking eight cups of pure water a day flushes out the toxins and keeps your system running smoothly. 
  • Use smaller size plates and four ounce bowls.  A smaller serving looks bigger in a smaller container. Less tastes best. Eat smaller bites and chew well. Really savor and enjoy the experience. Eat less and move more!
  • Join a dance class or an after school team sport. Try out for a team at school. Walk your dog twice a day. Gardening is great exercise for overweight kids, especially when done regularly 20 to 30 minutes a day and is so fun.  Find the daily exercise that makes you the most happy.  
  • Help get a salad bar, farm to school produce, a school garden, and cooking classes at your school. Every school must develop a wellness plan according to the 2004 Children Nutrition and W.I.C. Re-authorization Act. However, many schools failed to meet federal standards for healthy meals. Ask your teacher what you can do to take up the Healthier U.S. School Challenge.

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  1. jillianmak says:

    I have never heard of using applesauce instead of vegetable oil! I’ll have to try that!

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