How Parents can help Kids with diabetes

IMG_0074 Team of Support for Kids with diabetes

  1. Pediatrician – Take your child every three to six months for a checkup. The pediatrician will order tests, write prescriptions, and refer you to many of the following specialists.
  2. Certified Diabetes Educator – This may be a social worker, school counselor, nurse, or dietitian, who will teach you and your child how to cope with medications and illness.
  3. Dietitian – A nutritionist teaches you and your child how to eat healthier with daily meal planning and balancing food with medications.
  4. School Nurse – You can leave medicine and instructions so your child can be helped immediately if there is a need.
  5. Exercise Specialist or Physical Education Coach – You can set up a exercise program appropriate for your child.
  6. Mom and Dad – Your child depends on your support for the emotional challenges that develop in following the new lifestyle.
  7. Teacher – Giving your child’s teacher information from your pediatrician so everyone in your child’s life is on board with the program.
  8. Parenting Classes especially for diabetes – Take this class after your child’s initial diabetes diagnosis.
  9. Daily eating fresh, local organic fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

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