Create a Backyard Garden with Kids


Soil is alive! Ordering a truck load of organic compost from your local soil company is a good first step. You’re not using chemical fertilizers, you’re improving the structure of your soil, and you’re adding billions of beneficial microbial creatures to your soil! To play in the dirt with your child, gather adult and kid size garden kit of garden gloves, small shovel, rake, trowel, and cultivator.  Next build a raised wooden garden bed or series of beds, for example a 3 foot by 6 foot box. Your gardening or home improvement store also has to be assembled raised beds of all sizes and shapes. An ornamental edible garden can be created in beds along the fence, around a water feature, or in pots and planters on the patio. Kids have fun filling the raised beds with the organic soil when the soil truck arrives. Installing the beds with Soaker-hose for fruit trees and a drip watering system for veggies with a timer is the most Eco-friendly and economical way to water your garden.  Kids can put organic seeds in egg cartons indoors and watch them grow.  Organic veggie starter plants are on sale now. Your child can make colorful plant markers for the row in the garden bed. Every day the magic happens as the green shoots sprout, flowers blossom and the child eats the veggies and fruits from the backyard garden and is amazed!

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