Apples go with Kids


A dwarf apple tree is perfect for an organic backyard garden, with lower branches for kids to reach. Kids like to put apples in their pockets for eating later. Prehistoric kids ate wild and dried apples. Greeks started grafting apple trees in 400 B.C. and the Romans spread the apples across Europe and England. Kids love apple cider, apple sauce, and apple pies. Apples come in many varieties all around the world. Because they bloom late in the spring, apples are grown farther north than any other fruit tree. The apple seedling grows apples after about five years. Honey bees are very important carrying the pollen from one apple blossom and leaving it in another. The fertilized flower becomes an apple. Most apples are picked by hand as over half the apples grown are eaten fresh. Many local apple orchards have opportunities for kids to pick their own apples in the fall. Apple store well; at a cool temperature they can last fresh for a year! But they taste best right off the tree. Apples make Healthy Kids! They are a nutritious source of fiber, with vitamin A and C and potassium. The pectin in apples lowers cholesterol. Eating fresh apples can benefit teeth and gums. Because they store well, apples are a perfect snack for kids to carry wherever they go. Kids think fresh apples are delicious!

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