Its Kids Play to be Healthy


The secret to enticing kids to eat their veggies is to get them involved in the planting, growing, and cooking process. Kids play in the garden, create art projects from the garden, stir in the kitchen, and laugh at the table! Eating fruits and vegetables is the number one habit for healthy living and is the most delicious when fresh, local, organic, and in season. Kids eat it fresh picked, standing in the garden; getting so excited growing their own organic backyard garden that they can hardly wait to taste the fruits and veggies! Kids breathe fresh air, get great exercise, and help the environment working in the garden. Kids enjoy choosing their favorite rainbow of veggies for dinner, decorating the cupcakes, and setting the table. Veggies steamed lightly, leaving a little crunch, are filled with vitamins and minerals. Kids that are invested in the outcome will enjoy their meal even more.

When kids wash their hands with soap and water often, especially when cooking and eating, many illnesses can be prevented. Kids can learn to keep an impeccably clean kitchen with soap and water.Drinking eight glasses of pure water a day flushes kids systems of toxins, keeps them hydrated during exercise and their skin glowing.The most economical and effective way to provide your family with good tasting, quality, clean drinking water is one of the reverse osmosis under the sink water systems.It tastes so good kids will want more.

Make meal planning a family activity. At the store, kids can read the labels on food packages, checking the ingredients and the sell-by dates. Make a fun outing to your local organic veggie stand, Farmers Market, and You-Pick Farms with your kids. Invite laughter, love, and luck into the kitchen by thinking kind, grateful thoughts. How we experience food in our homes and environment, changes our bodies and our metabolic process. Healthy habits for a lifetime can be created for kids while enjoying a nutritious meal with loved ones.

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