Healthy Sports Team Snacks


Kids love the excitement, the social activity, and the way their bodies feel after a game of organized sports. My three sons were in sports year round: soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, and water polo! A UCLA study has found that students who have an hour a day of moderate exercise had higher test scores than those who didn’t exercise. Being a team mom and scorekeeper meant bringing snacks and water to the practices and games among other duties. There are certain foods that help prepare kids for the exercise. The night before a game serve pasta with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese, a green salad, and milk. For breakfast, kids can enjoy eating oatmeal with banana and cinnamon, whole wheat toast, and milk. An hour before the game give them lots of water and a snack like a banana, granola bar, yogurt, or graham crackers with peanut butter. During the game encourage the kids to keep hydrated drinking lots of pure water. After the game, refuel their energy and add antioxidant protection with orange slices, cranberry juice, some almonds and lots more water. To cut down on plastic bottles in the land fill, bring a large stainless steel thermos of filtered water and paper cups. The entire team benefits as you set a standard for healthy sports team snacks. What kids learn to eat when they are young, they carry with them throughout their life.


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