Healthy Snacks for Kids on the Go


Ocean, river, lake, backyard and park activities are fun for kids! My granddaughter is a Junior Lifeguard in Santa Barbara CA. She is enjoying organic watermelon on a hot afternoon after a hard workout on the beach and in the ocean. Walking the dog, biking, or hiking at the park as a family is marvelous for the body, mind, and spirit. Good snacks on the go are organic fruits (like small apples, tangerines, or grapes), a small bag of trail mix (with organic dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, a little goes a long way), a container of granola, and a stainless steel thermos of water. My son got a big box of outdoor games for his kids this spring and set it up in his backyard: croquet, ring toss, soccer nets, Frisbee, hula hoop, jump rope, an obstacle course, and bocce ball. The whole family has had hours of fun, bonding and snacking in those quiet backyard moments life is all about. Homemade granola bars are fun and easy for kids to make. Whole wheat crackers with cheese or dip are always a welcome treat. Every family outing is better with a picnic. Kids love sitting on a blanket on the grass or beach or at a picnic table made special with a family tablecloth or just sitting on a public park bench together. Stainless steel containers of water for the whole family and the pets can be refilled and stored in the car. A small ice chest left in the car can be stocked with fresh ice packs and snacks. Keep prepacked raw cut veggies, cheese, yogurt and dips stored in individual containers in the refrigerator for the next snack. Bringing homemade snacks saves time and money, is greener and more nutritious, and establishes happy memories and flavors for your family.


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