Feel Good Kids Garden


Kids enjoy being in the garden, just walking in a beautiful organic edible garden puts one in a good mood. Toddlers love to run the paths, fingertips brushing the plants on either side. This garden is a certified butterfly garden for kids at the Las Flores Community Garden. Kids get great exercise, earn respect, and learn life lessons tending an organic fruit and vegetable garden. Gardening is good for all ages and for family bonding, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the number one habit for healthy living. Kids get so excited growing their garden that they can hardly wait to eat the fruits and veggies. Organic gardening, instead of poisoning Nature, inspires kids to respect life.

My son did an experiment for his Middle School’s Science Fair to show that plants have feelings. He got two similar African violet starter plants from the nursery, along with special plant food. Both plants had the same sunlight, water, and plant food. One plant he treated like a pet in his room, praising it, carrying it to the piano when he practiced, and reading to it. The other plant he left in his older brothers’ room and yelled at it when he watered it, saying how ugly it was. As the weeks went by, the plant in his room became big and covered with flowers. The other plant stayed small with no flowers. At the Science Fair, the small plant died, but the loved plant was gorgeous. Plants definitely respond to loving care and give back with a bountiful harvest. Gardening connects kids to Nature. Kids experience the thrill of seeing a caterpillar become a butterfly, the beauty of the flowers on the plants and trees, and the joy of harvesting their own food.

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