Kids Garden Sun Map


Organic kid gardeners can learn something about every school subject in the garden. Making a garden map uses math, art, and science. Kids can measure the garden area by making an inch on paper represent a foot of garden. The basic rule is one plant for every square foot. Kids can draw in the surrounding wall, house, and the garden furniture to scale. Choose three crayons to show where the sun shines when you go into your yard in the morning, noon, and afternoon. If the sun shines all day in some places in the garden, make three stripes of the different colors. This colorful space is the best place to put the garden. Southern exposure to the sun is best for most plants. Choose to plant your family’s favorite veggies, herbs, and fruits in your backyard garden. Put the low growing plants in front and the tall plants in the back. Include flowers in the plan, such as marigolds and nasturtiums, which help repel unwanted bugs. The raised beds can be any shape and size with paths between them to easily reach the plants. Home improvement stores have premade raised beds to put together in the yard. Use a sunny fence for grape or berry vines. Kids can also make a sun map for indoor window box gardens. When the sun is plotted on a garden map, kids can find the best sunlight for their plants to thrive and grow.

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