Kids Bean Pole Teepee


Kids love having a special secret place in the garden where they can sit in the shade. Kitchen gardens or potagers are traditionally rectangular ornamental vegetable gardens with paths running through and meeting in the center, where the focal point is often a living teepee. Pole beans and sweet peas are climbing crops that will cover six to eight poles placed in a circle and provide a kids hideaway. Kids can put poles in the center of the garden connecting the four raised beds. The poles can be made of bamboo, wood, or metal and should be over six feet tall. Tie the tops of the poles together, and stick the bottoms of the poles securely in the ground. Be sure to add a seat on the corners of the raised beds. Plant the runner beans and peas near each pole. Sprinkle the outside of the pole circle with nasturtium flower seeds, which help to repel bugs and are beautifully edible. Kids love the magic that happens in the garden as the different colored flowers bloom and fill their secret place with delightful scents and sights and later when they can sit in the shade and snack on the fresh green beans and peas on the vine.

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