Kids Garden Calendar


Kids can discover the growing season in their area by checking at their local nursery or with a local Master Gardener to learn the date when their gardens will be safe from freezing. Different parts of the county have different growing seasons. In Southern California, we have a long growing season. In the coldest parts of the country the growing season may only be 100 days between the last frost in spring and the first frost in fall. Kids can keep track of when to start seeds indoors, when to plant and when to harvest. Kids can discover when to plant hot weather plants in the spaces the cool weather plants were harvested and when to stagger planting to harvest over a long period. In some areas, kids can plant certain veggies, like lettuce and broccoli in fall and winter. Kids also can mark on the calendar when to put down organic compost, when to transplant germinating seeds, when to prune, and when to clean garden equipment. Keeping track of when to plant and when to harvest helps kids maximize and lengthen their harvest period and leads to greater success in the garden.

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