Kids Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin


Kids can make a low sugar, very delicious jam with fresh organic fruits and Pomona’s Pectin. For hundreds of years, people have been preserving fruits by making some form of jam. Traditional pectin, which causes the jam to jell, requires 5 to 9 cups of sugar for every batch, up to 85% sugar. Kids can preserve fruit a healthier way. Pomona’s Pectin is activated by calcium, which comes in a separate packet in the box with the pectin, and not by sugar. Kids can choose to use honey, maple syrup, unsweetened fruit juice, or sugar in their jam. Pomona’s Pectin has simple recipes to follow. Preserving requires a large 11.5 quart pot, a canning rack, tongs, half pint canning jars, a set of canning tools, and a couple of pounds of fresh organic fruit. Kids think making jam is fun. The half pint jars are perfect for gifts. Kids can keep opened jam three weeks in the refrigerator and unopened jars in a cool dark place for up to a year. The recipes are fast to make and the process of preserving fruits goes quickly in an assembly line fashion. After setting the jars aside to cool for 24 hours, kids can enjoy their own healthy homemade yummy fruity jam.

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