Kids Garden Tools

kids garden tools

Kids’ garden tools can start with garden gloves and a hand trowel to create an organic backyard vegetable garden. Hardware stores and nurseries carry garden tools for kids, small preschool sets and heavier elementary school sets. With child sized tools, kids can rake the soil, cultivate with a fork, and weed their garden with an oscillating hoe. In the winter, kids can plan their garden with a notebook and a calendar and make a sun map drawing of the garden using a tape measure. Kids can choose to plant their favorite foods with herbs and edible flowers and make a map of the garden for the notebook. Kids can clean and sterilize old tools, which can last for years when cared for properly. Kids can help build raised beds, gather pots, and get organic compost and potting soil. Seeds can be started indoors in pots. Kids can also plan for a good harvest in a container garden on the patio or balcony. Kids can help install a drip watering system with a timer. Kids can always use a bucket, shovel, gathering basket, and watering can in the garden. Kids can use scissors and clippers to clip off faded flowers and encourage the plant to send out more blossoms. When kids spend twenty minutes a day with kid size tools in the backyard, they can create a beautiful edible garden for the whole family to enjoy.

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