Kids Save the Planet


Kids can save the planet by growing food in their organic backyard garden, community garden, or patio containers. Gardening makes kids happy and they enjoy eating what they have grown. There has been a surge in the popularity of growing food in the backyard or at a community garden, for financial reasons, environmental concerns, and the yearning for delicious food. Kids can grow food in pots, where the plants like the sheltered microclimates, sun traps, and favorite potting mix. Container plants create a striking feature on a deck or by the front door. School gardens have made a tremendous impact on the students that have participated, and more schools are establishing gardens and kitchen curriculums every year. Summer vacations from school were originally intended for kids to help with the farming during the busy growing season. Working in the garden gives kids physical activity, an understanding and respect for food and where it comes from, lessons in responsibility, and a healthy diet. When kids learn to grow, pick, and prepare their own food, they enjoy eating what they have grown.
Kids can grow an organic garden without using the toxic long lasting chemicals used on growing produce since the 1950’s that harm the environment and our health. Organic farming can pull thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per acre out of the air and add it to the soil, year after year. Kids can plant an organic dwarf fruit tree in a large container on the balcony. Kids are amazed at how many fruits grow on one tree. Trees and plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, making the garden a healthy place for kids, who often eat the fruit right off the tree. Kids can learn to cook healthy recipes with the food they grow and benefit the entire family. Kids can save the planet by learning to grow organic fruits and vegetables, eating healthy, and turning their home, school, and town into a garden.


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    Paulette Motzko

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