Healthy Kid Sandwiches


Kids enjoy creating their own sandwiches and cutting them into fun shapes. Sandwiches are a quick, easy, and affordable way to get kids to eat healthy, flavorful and fresh food. Kids can start with fresh baked organic whole grain bread, buns, nut bread, or flatbread, perhaps from a local baker. Veggies, fruits, and herbs add texture and punch to the sandwich, while giving kids needed nutrients. Fresh, local, organic produce has big flavor so it needs little salt, sauce, or sweetener. At the Farmer’s Market kids can meet the farmers and producers of veggies, cheese, honey, nuts, and fruit that are local, in season and make terrific additions to sandwiches. Brightly colored raw organic fruits and veggies are high antioxidant foods which combat free radical damage and help maintain healthy brain function, prevent disease, and boost the immune system. Hummus, cream cheese, and herb pesto are tasty spreads to add flavor and interest to any sandwich. Healthy sandwiches can be an easy path to kids staying well. Using different butter knives for each spread, pre-school kids can put peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other or almond butter on one side and sliced bananas and honey on the other. Using cookie cutters, kids can create different shape sandwiches to add to the fun of saying “I made it myself!”

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