Kids’ Garden Ecosystem


Kids are fascinated by nature blooming in an organic veggie garden, where a community of living things get along together and flourish. Wherever the garden is located, on a balcony, patio, or backyard, kids can create an environment to boost the harvest. Kids can plant certain plants to create an ecosystem for the birds and insects that help make a backyard or patio veggie garden a success. The ecosystem includes established trees, which provide windbreaks, shelter, and home to birds and insects that keep the pests from the veggies. Kids can made a toad house in climates that have moisture by turning a terra cotta pot on its side in a grassy corner near a fountain or pond. Bird baths and feeders can add artistic touches and attract helpful birds to patrol the insect pests. Kids can encourage bees by planting flowers like calendula or nasturtiums. Studies have shown that the presence of bees can increase yields between 10 and 50 percent. Kids can plant milkweed to attract the monarch butterfly. Plan the garden to get full sun exposure for six hours and place the plants in a raised garden bed with the tallest in the back and the shortest in the front. Kids can plan a shady seat in the garden to sit and enjoy the peace and beauty of their garden ecosystem.

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