Kids Dehydrating Fruit

dried fruit

Kids can learn to dehydrate fruit to make their own trail mix. Ancient people developed several ways to preserve their food. One of the simplest ways to dry fruit is on a screen in the sun, removing the moisture. Drying racks can be made by placing the screen on blocks in a sunny place, placing the fruit on the screen and securing another screen on top. The weather plays a major role as fruit drying requires a minimum of 86 degrees with a humidity under 60%, light breezes, and no precipitation for six to twelve days, until the fruit is dried. There are many different inexpensive home dehydrators available at local home centers, making the drying process very quick and simple. Dehydrating fruits should be done at the peak of season when the fruits are readily available and ripe. After kids harvest the fruit, they can wash, pit, core, and remove stems and seeds. Cut the fruit into uniform slices ¼” thick for crispy and into quarters or halves for a softer texture. Spray the fruit with lemon juice and place skin side down on the dryer. Home made organic dehydrated apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, and apricots can fill kids’ backpacks and lunch bags with healthy candy from nature.

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