Kids Home Orchard


Kids can heal the planet by planting and caring for even one organic fruit tree and encouraging everyone they know to do the same thing. Trees heal the environment by filtering air pollutants, recharging groundwater, and creating healthy microcosms in the soil. There are olive trees in the Mediterranean area that are said to be hundreds of years old and have been enriching lives for generations. Growing local organic fruit produces a harvest that is delicious and nutritious when fresh and can also be preserved by canning or drying. A healthy annual yield of one home fruit tree is around 40 to 70 pounds. Kids can share an excess harvest with neighbors, promoting sustainability with less transportation. Two trees can produce all the oxygen one person needs to breathe every year. Fruit bearing trees add 10% to a property’s value, help cool the structures in their shade, and bring an abundant harvest of delightful fruit every year. Healthy established fruit trees can thrive for decades with relatively little maintenance. Kids in urban areas can plant a dwarf fruit tree in a large container on a deck, patio, balcony, or by the front door. Kids and dogs find that just being in the home orchard makes them feel happy and content.

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