Kids Deck Garden


Kids will be amazed how much food can be grown in containers in a small space. Kids will be surprised to discover that nothing tastes better than fresh organic produce they grow themselves. Kids first need to check the hours the sun shines on the deck and to place the pots and containers in the sunny places. In the spring, kids need to rotate the crops from last year even in small plots to help prevent diseases and pests and build soil fertility using compost. In smaller pots kid can replace the soil completely each spring and give the plants an extra boost by watering with liquid organic feeds every few weeks during the growing season. In larger planting boxes, kids can place one crop at normal spacing, and then a second faster growing crop between the rows that harvests before the other crop grows fully. Kids can plant a new crop as soon as the first fast growing crop is harvested in the same space. Kids can eliminate row space between crops by planting low growing crops close together. Kids can plant climbing beans on a trellis to train vines up instead of spreading out. Kids can start seeds indoors and plant cool weather crops, like lettuces, spinach, and beets, as soon as night temperatures reach above freezing. The herb and veggie containers on the deck add beauty and fragrance to any outdoor living space and easy access for outdoor barbeques. Kids love to be outside playing in the soil, especially when they can produce delicious food the whole family can enjoy.


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