Kid Chef Broccoli Mac and Cheese


Kid Chefs can make this healthy Broccoli Mac and Cheese. High in vitamin C and fiber, broccoli was a favorite vegetable of the ancient Romans. It is anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-bacteria when eaten steamed, stir fried, or raw. California grows ninety percent of broccoli produced in the United States. Thomas Jefferson planted it at Monticello. Kid Chefs can make Broccoli Mac and Cheese by preheating the oven to 400 degrees. Steam 2 cups chopped organic broccoli lightly, leaving a little crunch. Add 2 cups organic whole wheat penne pasta and sea salt to boiling water and cook until al dente. Put 2 tablespoons organic wheat pastry flour, ¼ tsp sea salt, and 2 tablespoons organic butter in a sauce pan to make a roux. Add 1 cup organic milk and stir constantly with a whisk until smooth and bubbling. Mix into the sauce pan ½ cup of shredded organic sharp cheddar cheese, ¼ cup grated organic Romano cheese, and 2 tsp minced fresh garden herbs. Pour the pasta, cheese, and broccoli into a baking dish. Melt 1 tbsp organic butter in a sauce pan, mix 1/3 cup organic Japanese panko bread crumbs, and sprinkle on top of the pasta and bake 15 minutes. Kid Chefs can make a happy dinner party when they make this favorite comfort food for their family.

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