Magic Foods for Healthy Kids


Healthy kids eat magic foods. Magic foods can cure the growing health crisis caused by the modern day American diet. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans are magic foods kids can grow in their backyard garden. Growing a garden also gives kids exercise, fresh air, the experience of where food comes from, and feelings of confidence and pride. Kids love having their own garden, being able to plant what they want and watch it grow. Even picky eaters eat what they have grown and help prepare. Home gardening is the growing answer to great taste, better quality food, and saving money on food and doctor bills. The average American diet for kids includes candy, soft drinks, cakes, cookies, and salty snacks, which send blood sugar soaring. By replacing these with magic foods from the garden, healthy kids can slowly change the way America eats. Nuts and seeds are great snacks and a small portion of organic trail mix is a magic food that can be substituted for chips. Fresh organic fruits are magic foods to exchange for candy and cookies. Low fat organic chocolate milk supplies nine essential nutrients, helps muscles recover from exercise, and can be substituted for sugary drinks. Kids also like vitamin C in packets that can be added to water for an effervescent drink instead of a soda. Kids enjoy tomato sauce on whole wheat pasta which becomes a magic dish by adding a rainbow of organic veggies. Beans are magic foods that can be added to rice, pasta, salads, and mashed into dips. Beans are rich in protein, have soluble fiber that slows down digestion to help with weight loss. Kids can ask local grocery stores, schools, and restaurants to offer local organic produce. Healthy restaurants for families with kids, like Veggiegrill and Sharky’s Mexican Grill, are springing up across the country, consciously committed to serving healthy food that appeals to the general public.

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