Designing a School Garden


Kids can plan, design, research, and raise funds for a school garden. Elementary school kids, high school kids, parents, organic gardeners, and teachers can join the planning team. The school garden is the perfect outdoor classroom, filled with projects for science, business, and wood shop classes. The Garden Team can apply to Whole Foods Markets for a grant for their school garden. Fund raising for the School Garden can be part of a business class, where kids sell dried herbs, plants, garden themed T-shirts, seed packs, plant signs. Woolly Garden Pockets has a program to get vertical edible gardens in the school yards with 50 plantable pockets with hardware, compost tea, manuals, and organic seeds to grow on a sunny wall or fence. Pointing kids to the joys of growing their own food instills positive eating habits, leadership skills, and better attitudes. Container gardens with wooden planters can be built for each class to plan and plant its own garden. A drip watering system on a battery timer is the most economical and consistent way for school gardens to be watered. The Garden Team needs to create a time line for when the soil is prepared and who is on the soil team, when the planting is done and who is on the team, who will look after the garden on the summer holidays, and who is on the harvest team. School gardens give kids not only food, but exercise, science projects, and the connection to what is alive on the planet around us. A school garden is a sustainable program that creates healthy kids and ultimately a healthy planet.

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