Healthy Kid Sea Salt


A little salt is essential for life. Kids know it makes everything taste better. In ancient Rome, the road to the salt plains on the coast was called the Salt Road, and soldiers got a salary, to buy salt rations. Salt has been used as currency in Africa for centuries. Gandhi had a march to the sea in India to make sea salt to protest the British tax. Salt mines in Austria near Salzburg (Salt Town) have been worked since the early Iron Age. The salt is pried from an ancient seabed and cut into slabs to transport and break down further. Salt is used to freeze ice cream, make bread and cheese, and manufacture many different products. However, processed foods have put salt overloads into the packaged food, along with too much sugar and fat leading to high blood pressure and other diseases. Certain sea salts have less sodium and more minerals in the mix. Real Salt is a natural sea salt with more than 60 trace minerals from an ancient sea bed in Redmond, Utah without additives or anti-caking chemicals. Kids can cook yummy, healthy meals from scratch using a little Real Salt on fresh grown organic veggies from their backyard garden.

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