Healthy Kid Snacks


A backyard garden can be the snack vending machine for kids, while saving money for the family. Planting grapes and raspberries along a fence is a lovely landscaping technique producing yummy, healthy, and easy snacks for kids. Blueberry bushes and strawberry plants can be planted in containers on the deck as well as in the garden. Kids love to snack on berries and fruit while they are picking them. Frozen grapes are a delicious treat, especially for families on the go. Planting fruit and nut trees make an oxygen rich environment for kids while producing healthy snacks. Kids can grow melons in the backyard or in tubs on the patio. For a party, kids can make melon on a stick, using assorted cookie cutters like hearts, stars, and flowers to cut out shapes in organic cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Kids can use a wooden skewer to assemble the snack on a stick mixing the different colored melon shapes or balls. Kids can grow organic tomatoes, green onions, garlic, green pepper, and cilantro, in a raised bed in their garden and make a delicious fresh salsa for a snack with chips. Kids can create a backyard garden which can transform a family’s budget, health, and happiness, as gardening brings families together.

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