Teen Gardens change Lives


Teens can save time and money on the family grocery and health care bills! Instead of waiting in traffic, waiting in lines, waiting at restaurants or the doctor’s office, teens can be enjoying their home garden. Teens like breathing fresh air, drinking pure water, and eating yummy meals. Breathing renews every part of the body. Deep breathing can reduce tension and anxiety and make teens feel happier. Organic gardens pull carbon dioxide out of the air and put back oxygen, filtering air pollutants and recharging groundwater. Growing a backyard garden or at the community garden, healthy teens eat a rainbow of luscious, ripe fruits and veggies. Teens often eat fruit right off the tree, berries from the bush, and tomatoes in the garden. Adding garden furniture can make the garden a teen sanctuary. Teen Chefs earn the esteem of family and friends when they learn to cook from their garden and prepare fresh, healthy, scrumptious meals that are safe from poisons, processing and preservatives. Teens have fun cooking and are happy to have the ease and convenience of picking their food fresh just steps away from their dining room. It’s amazing how much better food cooked from scratch tastes. Healthy teens can save time and money. Happy teens can change lives by spending their time growing organic fruits and veggies, learning to cook, and encouraging their friends to do the same.

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