Kid’s Garden Journal


Kids can make a journal of their garden activities, observations, and feelings. Journals are a place for personal reflections or focusing kid’s interests. Drawings, poetry, stories, and other projects can all be done in the journal. Keeping a journal is a great way for kids to let go of the day’s stress. It can be a scrapbook to paste dried leaves and flowers from the garden or to make a painting or collage, or put seed packet information. Kids can make a sun map of their backyard in their journal to discover where to put their organic veggie raised beds or containers and where to put their trees and berry vines. Kids need to choose their family’s favorite foods and herbs to plant. Kids can make a planting map in their journal and measure the garden area with a tape measurer by making an inch on paper represent a foot of garden. The basic rule is one plant for every square foot. Kids can draw in the surrounding wall, house, and the garden furniture to scale for placing planting containers on the patio or deck. The journal would not be complete without a calendar that shows the quarters of the moon. Kids can mark on the calendar when to put down organic compost, when to transplant germinating seeds, when to prune, when to fertilize, when to harvest, and when to clean garden equipment. Kids can set aside a time each week for journal writing to note their projects and garden activities. Binders with pockets are good for keeping pencils and crayons. A kid’s bench in the shade is the perfect place for kids to create their special garden journal in their garden sanctuary.


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