Kids love Grapes


Kids love the sweet juicy energy boosts of grapes. Grape vines can create a beautiful landscape in the backyard, growing in a tub, up and along a fence, pergola, or trellis. Kids love to pick and eat grapes on the vine. Grapes are great for hydration, high in antioxidants, and counter free radical formation. A fun snack for kids on the go is grapes popped in the freezer to take for a picnic or car trip. Grapes are a Super Food containing elements essential to our health that reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Red grapes contain the photochemical reservatrol in their skins with polyphenols that help repair age related cell damage and restore youthful DNA by boosting energy production in cells. Grapes are also delightful in salads and give main dishes a pop of flavor.

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