Kids Planting by the Moon


People have been planting by the seasons and the moon for a very long time. Everything in nature has a relationship with everything else. When the seasons change, the plants and trees follow the rhythm of that season. The air is coolest and the soil is warmest when the moon is getting bigger, making it easier for young roots to establish themselves. During the first and second quarters of the moon, prepare the soil while it is light and plant crops that grow above ground. Some people have garden parties during the full moon. Plants respond to music and dancing. In the third quarter, plant crops that grow below the ground. In the fourth, when the soil is heavy, hoe, fertilize, and weed. Many people find that paying attention to the moon and soil changes helps produce the best crops and so planting by the moon cycles has become a tradition. Kids can make a moon planting calendar in their garden journal by checking an almanac or calendar that tells which quarter the moon is on each day of the month. Kids can mark the calendar to show which days to do certain chores according to the moon.


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