Kids Growing Sprouts


Growing sprouts is a great way for kids to develop an interest in growing things. Kids can save the fattest seeds after eating an orange and let them dry for a week. Prepare a clay pot by placing small stones on the bottom to cover the drainage hole then fill it with organic potting soil. Kids can make small holes in the soil with their finger to plant the dried orange seeds. Squeeze a wet sponge over the seeds to keep the soil moist but not wet. Kids can also place the seeds in a wet paper towel, keeping the towel damp until the seeds sprout. When the seeds spout, kids can choose the biggest one and remove the other sprouts. Soon there will be a lovely house plant! As it grows, kids can transplant it to a bigger pot or plant it in the backyard. Kids can also sprout beans, potatoes, and peanuts to grow houseplants that can be transplanted outdoors. This picture is of sprouted wheat grass that can be juiced for an energy boost. Some plants are eaten as sprouts, like alfalfa or mung beans and kids can see results quickly. Put ¼ cup of alfalfa seeds in a clean glass jar, fill the jar with water, cover the top with cheesecloth secured with a rubber band, and soak the seeds overnight. The next day drain the water through the cloth, rinse, and drain again. Place the jar in the pantry or some dark place overnight and rinse again the next day. Do this for four or five days until the alfalfa seeds have sprouted. Now kids can eat the alfalfa sprouts they have grown on a yummy avocado and cheese sandwich.


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