Kids Community Garden Plots


Parents and teachers are on the band wagon for kids to experience the miracle of life by planting their own gardens. Las Flores Community Garden is expanding to feature a special area only for kid gardeners. Leveling, putting in water pipes, and fencing will take time, but community interest can start now. Building a raised garden bed and filling it with organic compost produces the best harvest and is a great science project for kids, bringing better health to the whole family. The entire garden is organic as the soil is richer in minerals and nutrients to grow healthy produce without poisons. The amount of food a small well planed space can produce is amazing. Kids can also grow food in pots, where the plants like the sheltered microclimates, sun traps, and favorite potting mix. Often a community garden will have a Master Gardener kids can ask for advice and instruction. Kids that are new to gardening can find organic garden kits for tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and other veggies at the toy, craft, hardware store or nursery. Community garden neighbors may be happy to share seeds, compost, and help kids with their questions. Kids love garden paths for easy access to the plants with a bench to reflect on what the garden is teaching today. Gardening can be spiritual as kids contemplate the circle of life, the flow of energy through all living beings, and their connection to what is alive on the planet around us. Kids that grow a carrot eat that carrot. Gardening gets kids to eat organic in season veggies that they might not have otherwise eaten, establishing healthy habits for a lifetime. Growing their own food gives kids a feeling of pride and responsibility, learning how to cook healthy meals gives them food sustainability. Gardening is great physical exercise for kids in an oxygen rich environment and it makes kids feel happy.


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