Kids Master Gardener


Kids can invite Master Gardeners to come help establish their school garden, a community garden plot, or their backyard garden with informative advice plus knowledge of local seeds and weather conditions. Master Gardeners are trained in various aspects of horticulture, from botany and soil science to entomology and pesticide safety. The program was created in 1972 by Washington’s Cooperative Extension Service to train volunteers to provide horticultural information to home gardeners and has spread across the country. Local master gardeners are trained through local university extensions and give classes and workshops, man an information helpline, build demonstration and teaching gardens, and hold seasonal plant sales. The Master Gardener talk at the Ventura County Organic Gardening Club was on the native landscape planting in the Thousand Oaks Senior Center garden. Many master gardeners enjoy working with kids and can be a great gardening resource, providing information about the soil amendments, local weather patterns, the water table, and landscaping. From coastal sands to gummy red clay, soil improvement is a priority task for kids to build a better garden. Master gardeners remind kids that soil is alive and can recommend the local worm farm and organic soil company. Kids can find their local master gardener involved with the local organic gardening club, the neighborhood community garden, on the internet, or listed at the library.

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