Kids Raised Garden Beds


Kids can grow a snack bowl in their raised garden bed, which is a wooden container raised above the ground yielding an abundance of produce. Other types of raised gardens are straw based in a wood and chicken wire box or various pots and containers on a raised ledge or table. Kids can choose a site that gets 6 hours of direct sunlight daily, away from trees and high winds. Plants growing off the ground aren’t as easy a prey for pests and disease. Raised beds warm up quicker for earlier planting and extended growing season. Staggering the plantings of veggies is accomplished easier as kids can reach, rotate and harvest crops over an extended growing season. Kids and their parents can build a container with supplies from the local outdoor center. Kids can plant grape tomatoes, peas, beans, squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins in a raised bed placed under a trellis for the plant to climb up, keeping the vines weed and water free. By training these plants up a trellis or a stake, kids can get an abundance of produce with less pests and diseases. Kids can fill the raised garden beds with organic soil and compost from their garden center or local organic soil company. Rich organic soil filled with nutrients, free of insects, disease, rocks, and weeds, capable of holding moisture and maintaining good drainage will produce food for the whole family. Kids can get earthworms to enrich and aerate the soil. To save time, money, and water, kids can install a drip watering system. By using a battery run timer, watering takes place at the best time of day for maximum absorption and minimal evaporation. Raised garden beds have proven abundantly productive, cost affective and assessable to kids and their grandparents, as the whole family enjoys snacking on easy access organic fruits and veggies in the garden.

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