School Nutrition and Cooking Classes


Learning to cook can be a life changing experience for kids. When kids prepare food they have grown in the garden, they understand how they are connected to what is alive on the planet. At schools where there is a school garden and cooking classes, academic teachers can use the garden and kitchen as a science lab, a history lesson, or a business class. Kids’ minds and senses awaken to new flavors and experiences in cooking classes. At schools with a Farm to School program, kids can learn from the farmers the cycle of food. Nutrition classes taught in the kitchen come alive by tasting delicious fresh produce. Food art work or garden photography can be made by students to decorate the school cafeteria and uplift the student body. The average American diet for kids includes candy, soft drinks, and chips, which send blood sugar soaring. Nutrition classes educate kids on why organic whole foods from their local farmer help end childhood obesity and other diet related diseases. Cooking classes inspire kids to try new foods, as kids want to eat what they have prepared. School nutrition and cooking classes give kids not only food, but exercise, science projects, skills, and ingredients to cook good simple meals to share with their family and friends.

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