Kids Food Allergies


One in twenty-five kids have life threatening food allergies. The top eight food allergens are cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, fish, and wheat. The percentages of kids with these allergies have doubled in the last five years. By replacing processed food with organic super food from the garden, kids can turn the tide on the alarming rise in childhood diabetes, obesity, and life threatening food allergies. Food allergies occur when one’s immune system thinks a healthy food protein is a harmful virus and mobilizes antibodies to eliminate it. The main reaction to a food allergy is itchiness, rashes, runny nose, coughing, vomiting or diarrhea. An anaphylactic reaction to a food causes a sudden drop in blood pressure resulting in the vital organs not getting enough oxygen. Kids with these life threatening food allergies must keep an EpiPen injector containing epinephrine with them at all times. This is a disposable, prefilled automatic injection device that food allergic kids can inject themselves and save their own lives. Scientific researchers have found that the rising reports of food allergies are due to the rising levels of chemical additives in our food supply. Modern food processing practices use many different artificial ingredients to preserve food for longer periods of time, change its color and texture, and enhance the flavor. Today’s crops are grown with all sorts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Dairy farms and livestock ranches use an abundance of growth hormones and chemicals to increase their profits. Kids with food allergies have a challenge socially eating and some kids are even bullied. However, food allergies can inspire kids to grow an organic backyard garden of their favorite fruits, herbs, and veggies. Kids can plant a pear tree. Pears are easy to digest, are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and are good for those with food allergies. Kids with food allergies can learn how to bake goodies for their class parties, which can be a very satisfying and rewarding accomplishment.

One thought on “Kids Food Allergies

  1. OrganicREADY

    I have three children )13, 10, and 4) with no food allergies. I know family members with children that do. It’s seriously terrifying and mind boggling. Great article!


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