Kids Peace Garden


A garden is a wonderful place for kids to explore, experiment, and recharge. Kids with an organic backyard garden not only have access to fresh food, but also benefit from a sanctuary that restores them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Kids can make a certain area of the garden their own special place of peace and tranquility. A bean pole teepee, a shady bench, a secluded spot by a vine covered trellis is an invitation for kids to sit and absorb the healing effects of nature. Kids discover that the garden changes during the day as the sunlight filters through the leaves and reflects on the pond, the colors of the flowers and foliage go from a vibrant to a muted shade. Kids can listen to the music of the garden, the wind rustling the leaves, the serenade of wild song birds, the buss of insects, the cascading of a water fountain, and the tinkling of wind chimes. Kids can experience the garden by touching and feeling the infinite variety of plant textures, smooth, spiky, waxy, fluffy, as well as the rocks and soil. Kids can enjoy the aromatherapy of an herb garden with sweet, spicy, tangy scents and feel renewed. Kids can snack on bursting with flavor fresh produce they pick themselves. Kids can create their own Peace Garden, a little piece of heaven, right in their own backyard.

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