Kids Small Garden Beds


Small garden beds are perfect for kids. Kids in small urban gardens, suburban backyards, kids on the farm, and in school gardens do wonders with their very own small garden beds. Small garden beds can be planted densely with high producing plants from spring through late autumn. The small beds allow small hands access to all parts of the garden, leaving the soil loose and well aerated for good root development. Kids can place crops close together, which shade the ground keeping the soil moist with fewer weeds. Kids can plant fast maturing seeds, like salad greens, with slower growing vegetables, like broccoli. When kids harvest the salad greens, fresh seeds can be planted in their beds. With a sunny wall, kids can create a vertical garden with landscaping pockets, attachments that allow four to ten inch pots to hang on any surface, a rectangular panel with small pots and a water reservoir, or a modular magnetic system with eco-plastic pots. Many urban gardeners are hanging gutters as planters on a sunny balcony, front porch, or patio. Gutter gardens use empty vertical spaces creating a stunning focus wall, space divider, or privacy screen. Trellises in planter boxes, strawberry pots, planter railings, hanging baskets, window boxes are all potential small garden beds for kids. By starting small, kids learn how to care for their gardens.

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