Kids Playing in the Garden


Kids can make a magical world in the garden to explore, dream, and play. Kids can create racetracks for toy cars, a digging bed for toy trucks or making mud pies, or a miniature landscape for a fairy garden in a backyard veggie garden. Kids enjoy growing a round pizza bed garden with favorite pizza herbs and veggies to harvest for dinner. Kids love to have a playhouse, swing set or tree house in the middle of the garden, where they can observe birds, wildlife, and the changing seasons. Birdhouses, bird baths, sun dials, wind chimes, wind socks, and rain gauges engage kids in scientific explorations of nature. Kid-sized garden tools make garden tasks fun. Bean pole teepees, sunflower houses and berry bush tunnels make wonderful garden hideaways. Kids can have a sandbox or a hopscotch pathway incorporated into the veggie garden plan. The whole family can enjoy an outdoor dining area among fruit trees with comfortable furniture and hammocks for family bonding. Kids can plant a garden bed of bright colored flowers that can be cut and arranged in vases in the house. Kids can plant cherry tomatoes, berries, grapes, and peas to snack on and make playing in the garden even more fun.

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