Kids Gardening for Tomorrow


Kids can take a step forward to reclaim paradise on earth by planting an organic veggie garden, in their backyard, at a community garden, or at school, using sustainable techniques that will improve the soil, water, and air for future generations. Our local community garden is expanding to include a kids-only garden where kids can discover an endless series of small miracles that pave the way for many teaching moments. Kids can take action to reverse the damage that is being done to our environment by commercial agricultural, where 30% of cropland has been lost to soil erosion and chemical poisons have polluted the water. Kids can plant in raised beds using compost, mulching, and crop rotation to build soil. By spacing the plants that harvest at different times close together and growing different varieties together that benefit each other, kids can grow nutrient rich soil as well as flavorful food. By observing the garden area and natural ecosystems, for wind, rain, sun, fire, and wildlife, kids can help the environment by choosing appropriate herbs and plants, fruit and nut trees, and ponds to enrich the soil, conserve water, and recycle energy. Local Master Gardeners can often find the perfect native species for the area. Rare heirloom, traditional, and open pollinated food seeds are being lost as mega corporations are patenting the seeds of major food plants. Kids can harvest the seeds from their garden and save the ones from plants that are healthy and delicious to plant again. Kids can learn to be self-sufficient and become part of the solution of some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as childhood hunger and obesity, as well as environmental pollution. Kids can create a little piece of heaven by planting an organic fruit and veggie garden, using soil building techniques and saving their seeds.

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