Kids Square Foot Gardening


A kid-size Square Foot Garden is a planting box that’s 3 ft. square, 6 inches deep, and is divided in 1 ft planting grids. It is the size for kids to comfortably reach in to tend their gardens without stepping on the soil. It yields five times the harvest of a row garden in the same space with less water, less soil, and fewer seeds. Mel Bartholomew pioneered this organic method 40 years ago and it has been adopted around the world by millions of gardeners. Kids can learn math and science lessons while building and decorating their box, planning and planting their garden, and growing and harvesting their produce. Because kids want to eat whatever they grow, they eat healthier and are excited to learn how to prepare their veggies. Kids also learn confidence, self esteem, and self sufficiency. Kids can put their wooden 3 ft square box with a bottom anywhere it can get at least 6 -8 hours of sunlight a day. They can raise the box on a table, put it on the patio or balcony, or in the backyard for a beautiful view out a kid’s window. Mel recommends mixing equal volumes of vermiculite, compost, and peat moss to fill the box with soil. Kids can put a geodesic sheet plastic dome cover over their gardens in winter and with the right seeds grow their square foot garden all year long. Kids can get the whole family involved in eating healthy, enjoying nature, and helping the environment when they grow an organic square foot garden.

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