Healthy Kids School Party Treats


School Birthday Parties across the country are changing from sugary drinks, cupcakes, and cookies to healthy snacks and party games. Parents and teachers have discovered that the sugar rushes from birthday party treats made kids hyper and testy. Many schools now have policies on what food parents can bring for parties with special policies regarding kids with life threatening food allergies. Kids can prepare snacks for their party and gain confidence with their peers. Instead of sugary processed foods, kids can cut organic fresh fruit cut in bite size pieces and put them on a stick for each classmate. Kids enjoy a short party game such as charades on the birthday kid’s favorite fairy tale. Kids can make hummus with garbanzo beans and serve it with organic carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes. Instead of sugary drinks, kids can bring Strawberry Water or Orange Water to their class party, by putting washed organic strawberries or sliced oranges in a jug of pure water. It looks pretty, is thirst quenching, and tastes great. Kids can bring an ice cream maker to class and make healthy frozen desserts by using only fresh organic fruit. Kid Chefs can take a cup of mixed berries, like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, and a dash of vanilla extract for a delightful berry sorbet. Kids especially enjoy celebrating their birthday with their classmates when they have helped prepare the healthy treats.

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