Kids love Maple Syrup


Kids love maple syrup on waffles and pancakes. However, most pancake syrup is corn syrup and has little or no maple syrup in it. Maple syrup has been made from the sap of sugar maple trees in North America for over 300 years. Sap is a liquid that moves food for the tree up and down the trunk. The trees must grow at least 30 years before the sap can be gathered. Early spring before the leaves start to bud the maple syrup maker drills a hole into the tree and inserts a tap into the hole. Sap drips from the tap into a bucket or to a hose attached to a tank. Forty gallons of sap is needed to make one gallon of maple syrup. The sap is taken to a sugar shack to be boiled down into syrup. When it is two-thirds sugar, the syrup is filtered and poured into metal cans, glass bottles, and plastic jugs. It stores the best in glass bottles. Maple syrup is a good source of calcium, potassium, and thiamin and is twice as sweet as sugar. Maple sugar is a natural simple sugar that does not spike blood glucose. Kids can make delicious candy, cookies, and cakes with maple syrup. A delightful breakfast of pancakes or waffles, fruit, and pure maple syrup is a favorite of kids around the world.

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