Kids at the Farmer’s Market


Kids love to visit the Farmer’s Market, tasting the local organic fresh fruits and talking to the farmers that grow them. The Farmer’s Market appears in the early morning and is gone by mid afternoon while shoppers take home delicious nutrient rich ingredients for the week. More than three thousand Certified Farmer’s Markets across the country are changing the way farmers farm and the way chefs and home cooks eat and cook. Kid Chefs can cook just picked local seasonal ingredients with surprisingly complex flavors using simple recipes, like roasting veggies in olive oil in the oven. Kids enjoy tasting the samples and listening to the Farmer’s stories. Farmers have an abiding passion for the earth and are good stewards of the land. Selling directly is often the only way small farmers financially sustain their farms. Farmers get to see chefs and home cooks first hand and learn what they want, bringing lots of crop diversity of fully ripe produce. Multiple crop-planting protects the land and prevents plant disease. Kids learn where their food comes from and of the adventures farmers have bringing the food to market. Kids love smelling the ripe strawberries, cantaloupes, citrus, and apples at the market. Many schools have a salad bar contract with their local Farmer’s Market, giving kids fresh local seasonal produce for lunch. Many Farmer’s Markets offer schools nutrition education through garden programs, market and farm tours. Sometimes kids help recycle the trash as the market closes. A tip farmers give kids is not to wash the produce until you are ready to use it and don’t refrigerate it until it is fully ripe.

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