Kids Healthy Cooking


Kids can develop healthy eating habits that include all the nutrients they need for their bodies to function well by growing a backyard organic garden. Kids love to go to the Farmer’s Market and get organic fruits and vegetables in season. Eating local organic in season produce is a healthy food choice, especially when it is cooked from scratch. Kids need to eat lots of whole grains, pastas, starchy vegetables, and beans, which offer a rich supply of fiber. Kids can learn to cook healthy meals using clad stainless steel pans, seasoned cast iron, ceramic titanium and glass Pyrex. Instead of frying, kids can roast food in the dry heat of an oven, which intensifies the taste with very little oil. Braising food in a simmering homemade vegetable stock yields tender flavorful ingredients. Grilling and broiling while basting with marinades locks in the flavor and moisture of the food without adding fat. Steaming vegetables lightly while still maintaining a crunch keeps the nutrients in the food. When kids grow an organic garden, they can hardly wait to taste what they have grown. Kids are excited to learn healthy eating habits when they grow their own food and learn to cook it from scratch.

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