Gifts Kids can Make


There are many craft projects kids can make for gifts in the kitchen and garden from making herbal teas to pressed flower cards. Kids can take a small window box and plant herb seeds to grow. Herbs are a great gift for anyone with a sunny window, not only do they flavor our food, but they give us oxygen to breathe. Grapevine Wreaths are pretty and fun to make. Kids can gather grape stems in the fall, twist them into circles, tuck the vines into each other until it is thick enough, and add pine cones and dried flowers. Kids can cut a 2” plastic ring from a bottle and staple on it different colored ribbons to make a wind sock that will spin like a rainbow in the wind. Kids can make a garden bath soak using dried herbs. Mix one cup each of dried Chamomile, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, and Rose petals and sew ¼ cup of the herbal mix in a 4” square of muslin. Of course, kids love to make and eat cookies. Cookies can be made even more festive by decorating them with stencils, piping patterns with icing, writing with icing tubes, and drizzling with thins lines of chocolate. Kids can wrap them in cellophane tided with ribbon. When kids make gifts from their kitchen and garden, their friends and families receive gifts that are special and filled with love.

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