Kids Make Cookies


Kids love making cookies as much as they love eating them. Making cookies teaches kids about recipes, measuring, kitchen tools, and hygiene. Cookies made at home are healthier than any mass produced cookie filled with chemicals added to enhance its shelf life, color, and texture. Kids with food allergies can make cookies with all purpose gluten-free flour, coconut oil, and stevia powder. Making cookies is a holiday tradition with many families who involve the kids in decorating and adding their own individual touches to each cookie. There are drop cookies, like the ever popular chocolate chip cookie. Rolled cookie dough is refrigerated first then rolled out and cut into shapes with fun cookie cutters. Piped cookies are made with soft creamed dough that is squeezed through a pastry bag and can be swirled into different shapes. Shaped cookies can be molded by hand rolling balls of dough then flattened using the back of a fork or by using a cookie press. Fruit and nut bar cookies are baked in a tray and then cut into bars or squares, often with shortbread like base with a fruit or nut topping. Fudge brownies are bar cookies that are moist and chewy favorites. Making cookies is a delightful way to engage the whole family at the holidays, filling the house with delicious smells and delightful treats.

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