Kids Kitchen Recycling


Kids can make a difference improving the environment by learning to recycle in the kitchen. When kids throw anything away, it must go somewhere: the ocean, the land fill, the air, or the rivers. Kid Chefs can learn to make delicious meals with leftovers. Save the nutritious vegetable steaming water to use as broth in soups or stews. Leftover vegetables or grains can be added to quesadillas and old bread and crackers can become crumbs for toppings on casseroles. Wash and reuse plastic bags and containers. Check the expiration dates on food in the refrigerator and pantry. Kids can start with a small kitchen compost pail for fruit and veggies scraps. These scraps, old plants, grass clippings, and tea bags, make wonderful rich soil for the backyard organic garden next year. Layering the green waste with paper waste and fall leaves provides fiber and carbon for earthworms to perform their recycling providing poop to create rich, crumbly compost. Through composting, the goodness from decaying plants can be recycled and turned into rich organic soil for new plants to use and produce delicious fruits and veggies in next years garden. Kids can make a difference by reusing everything until it is worn and recycling it.

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