Kids Veggie Landscaping


Kids can design their organic container veggie garden to be aesthetic, practical, and productive. Kids can choose plants for three distinct growth habits by using a rhyme popularized 20 years ago by “Fine Gardening” magazine: thrillers, fillers, and spillers. Thrillers are the centerpiece, like tomatoes, artichokes, or beans. Fillers have a spreading habit, like herbs, carrots, or peas. Spillers break over the edge of the container with vines like cucumbers, sweet potatoes, or nasturtiums. The mixed height of the plants allow light to reach all plants with less disease, fewer pests, and more air circulation, especially in raised beds and containers. A container with broccoli in the middle, surrounded by a ring of carrots and parsley makes a combination that is packed with nutrients, delicious, and beautiful. Hanging baskets are perfect for growing salad greens, which kids can grow quickly, harvest with scissors, replant, and move to a cooler spot in the summer. Many herbs are spillers that look spectacular covering a sunny wall spilling over fabric grow pockets. Kids can decorate the patio or deck with beautiful organic vegetable, herb, and edible flower plants that are not only pretty but delicious.

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