Kids Wall Gardens


Kids can plant vertical food gardens on any sunny wall or fence where each plant can have the perfect soil and sun. Green wall systems are made of specially designed fabric pockets attached to a framework on a wall. Kids can plant wall gardens in a courtyard or terrace and make an attractive tapestry of veggies or herbs with a drip watering system and battery timer for easy consistent watering. Kids can make their own outdoor wall systems to turn any sunny wall or fence into a bountiful garden by hanging shoe bag pockets or putting pots on mounted book shelves. Herbs are easy to grow in a window box and make a great choice for new kid gardeners. Wall pockets made of special porous material are available at most garden centers, some made from natural materials and some from recycled plastic water bottles. Other products available are clips to mount a pot on just about any surface or the ultramodern Urbio, a modular, magnetic versatile vertical surface with eco-plastic pots. Wall gardens beautify the neighborhood, help feed the family, and bring kid gardeners a sense of accomplishment.

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