Teen Green Careers


Teens can find green careers in farming, producing, and marketing food. Green careers means working to protect the environment, for animal welfare, and in sustainable organic farming. Chefs, bakers, wine growers, research scientists, and farmers are careers teens can consider when they want to earn their living reflecting the issues that are important to them. Teens can learn to develop new products. Organic and fair trade food is the fastest growing sector of the food and drink industry. Teens can consider converting conventional farms to chemical-free organic farms. Wind turbines are a green energy industry teens can explore to power the farm and sell the surplus to the power company. The key to organic farming is healthy soil. Teen careers can include working at organic seed companies, worm farms, organic compost companies, or as a soil scientist. Teens can develop and manufacture an organic product, like jam or jellies, wine, or breakfast cereal. Teens can help overseas farmers go green as an international program manager for small farms in developing countries. Teens can care for animals naturally. Organic animals live outdoors, with plenty of fresh air, exercise, and graze on organically grown grass and plants. Teens can find a green career in dairy farming, making a special brand of cheese or yogurt on the farm. Organic restaurants, supermarkets, health food stores, organic bakeries, and organic catering are some of the many careers teens can explore as an intern. Volunteering during the summer, at an organic farm, in a kitchen, or in the laboratory, teens can try new things to find out what they enjoy doing for their future career. By growing, buying, and eating green, teens can contribute to a more sustainable world and a healthier future.

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