Kids Patio Garden

Dylan's Garden

Kids will be amazed how much food can be grown in containers in a small space. Kids living in urban areas can plant veggies in containers on the patio, fabric pockets hanging on the walls, and large pots by the front door. Kids will be surprised to discover that nothing tastes better than fresh organic produce they grow themselves. Kids first need to check the hours the sun shines on the patio and to place the pots and containers in the sunny places where each plant can have the perfect soil and sun. Container gardens can be planted densely with high producing plants from spring through late autumn. The small beds allow small hands access to all parts of the garden, leaving the soil loose and well aerated for good root development. Kids can place crops close together, which shade the ground keeping the soil moist with fewer weeds. Kids can plant fast maturing seeds, like salad greens, with slower growing vegetables, like broccoli. When kids harvest the salad greens, fresh seeds can be planted in their beds. With a sunny wall, kids can create a vertical garden with landscaping pockets made of specially designed fabric pockets attached to a framework on the wall making an attractive tapestry of veggies or herbs. Kids can plant climbing beans on a trellis to train vines up instead of spreading out. The herb and veggie containers on the patio add beauty and fragrance to any outdoor living space and easy access for outdoor barbeques. Salad gardens can create a stunning display in a planter box on a deck near the kitchen. Kids love to be outside playing in the soil, especially when they can produce delicious food the whole family can enjoy.

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